Jul 062014

BryE7KRIQAAXxnE.jpg largeΒ  Moorside Park, Crosby has been transformed into a wooly wonderland for the second year running.

We installed the yarnbomb as part of our entry into North West in Bloom, the yarnbomb covers 8 trees and the noticeboard within Moorside Park. Yarnbombing is the latest craze for keen crafters,and is a form of street art involving knitting or crochet.

The yarnbomb was created by some of our volunteers knitting or crocheting squares which were then sewn around trees. This year we gave local residents and businesses an opportunity to sponsor a square – so we had Pioneer Fitness, Mucky Pups and Dirty Dogs, as well as people naming their square after themselves, their grandchildren and their dogs!

We are always looking for new ways to get people into the park and hopefully involved with our group. So we hope this encouraged people to visit the park and enjoy all the improvements that have taken place over the last 12 months.