M.U.G.A. – multi-use games area

Throughout the summer of 2015, the Multi-Use Games Area in the park was refurbished thanks to funding from Section 106 money. The design was created by Caloo and incorporates basketball, netball, cricket, tennis, football and various skills targets into the small area.

MultiActive encourages all children, regardless of ability, to gain confidence with sports, teamwork and mathematical thinking. Regular play supports children’s general health and fitness, while building hand-eye and foot-eye coordination.

Skill Wall

Skill Wall 3m - MA-001 2m - MA-003


How to play the game:
1. Start at the red line with a
football or bean bag.
2. Dribble or run, following
the path.
3. Shoot or throw when you
reach the furthest redline to
score points.

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Cricket Wall

cricketwallHow to play the game:
1. Bowl into the coloured area.
2. When you bowl, aim for the red
4-point zone for optimum bowling
3. Try and hit the stumps to score,
multiply your bounce score with
your target score for your total, e.g.
4 x 50 =200 points.
Tip: A standard Kwik cricket stump can
be used in front of this wall.

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Football Basketball

footballbasketballHow to play the game:
1. Start at the red line with a
football or basketball.
2. Move down the coloured
markers, throwing or passing
to your team mate.
3. When you get to the red line,
work with your team mate to

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Link-up Challenge Wall

linkupchallengeHow to play the game:
1. Stand on the arrows closest to the number wall then use a ball
to hit a numbered panel
2. Take turns. If successful, move back to the next marking
3. The first to hit number targets from all floor positions wins.
4. To make the game harder for older players numbers should be
hit in order, or scores kept for the highest overall.

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