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Coming to Moorside in April

Fitness Sessions
Run 4 Fun (kids sessions)
Kids Fitness Sessions

To be one of the 1st to find out more details, drop us an email to tell us which session you are interested in 📤

May 112018
We are running Zumba in the Park sessions, from Thursday 3rd May 6-7pm for 10 weeks. Sessions will cost £10 for 10 weeks and all proceeds will go towards improving the park. Come and join us to party your way into shape (more…)
Apr 302015
So where to start when writing a blog for the Friends of Moorside Park website when the Chair is your wife? If anyone has had the pleasure of meeting Louise you’ll know, she’s super organised and has an amazing eye for detail. This means my spelling and grammar has to be spot on! I’ve been (more…)
Sep 232014
 A thick yellow mist had descended and I was unable to make out much bar the ghostly white figures besides me, themselves clamouring to get out into the clear air once more. All of us disorientated and in one all too sudden moment, lost. I could hear my sister calling my name; I headed towards (more…)
Sep 222014
I started attending the ‘Circuits in the Park’ in Moorside Park about eighteen months ago. I had heard about the sessions through Dan, (from Pioneer Fitness) that he was running sessions there each Saturday afternoon, no matter the weather. I ventured out to the park one Saturday afternoon, not quite knowing what to expect! Would (more…)