Mar 082015

wpid-wp-1425830999981.jpegFollowing on from the success of the various fitness sessions which have been held in the park, we decided to set-up our own running club. We submitted an application for Β£250 for funding from Galaxy Hot Chocolate in January, the grant required us to ask for votes to help us to secure the funding. The money would allow us to pay for one of our volunteers to undertake the Run England “Run Leadership” course. Our friends at The Champion wrote an article in the paper asking people to vote for us to help us win the money. Tom Martin (from the paper) received an e-mail from local resident and owner of Future Electrics Ltd, saying they were so impressed with the efforts of our group that they wanted to offer us the money to set our group up!

On 21st February, on of our volunteers; Jim Hicks undertook his “Run Leadership” course at Crosby Lakeside Activity Centre. The session covered running techniques and tips, suitable exercises for warming up and cooling down as well as a variety of running activities to make the sessions more fun than just running from A to B.

We will be starting our sessions on Tuesday 7th April, at 6:30 (meeting at the outdoor gym equipment), the sessions will be suitable for beginners and intermediate runners. The sessions will be free however you will need to be a member of Friends of Moorside Park to attend.

We can’t thank Future Electrics Ltd enough for their generous donation which has allowed us to set up the running, we would also like to thank Chris Phoenix and Jim Hicks for volunteering to be Run Leaders for the sessions.