Aug 262014

Representatives of Moorside Park Friends had several meetings with Sefton Council regarding the Sefton 106 money which has been allocated to our park.

Section 106 money is money that is paid to Sefton Council by companies who have been building/developing in the area, this money is then used to improve the Greenspaces and Parks within the area.

We hope that the majority of the money will be used to refurbish the Basketball area (or multi-use games area). The refurbishment will include a new surface, new fencing and will be able to used for a variety of different sports by park users, local schools and other community/sports groups which is really exciting!

The discussions are still in the early stages, and there will be an opportunity for local residents to have their say on the project and proposed improvements so watch this space for more information and further updates!

If there is any money left after the Games Area improvements, we are also looking at getting some picnic tables installed in the park so people can come along and spend the day in the park!

If you have any ideas or suggestions for other improvements/additions you would like to see in the park – then let us know, you can e-mail or pop along to one of our gardening sessions and let us know!