Apr 232015


This month saw the launch of our Moorside Park running club. I say ours, it has been set up by Louise, Chair of the Friends of the Park group and wouldn’t happen without Jim, our Run Leader – or Chief as we call him. But it is ours – like the Community Fitness sessions, the running club is for anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have been running for ages, or if you have just bought your first pair of trainers. You can come down to the park at 6.30 every Tuesday evening and join in.

I went along to the first session with my daughter Liv who is 11. We’ve done a little bit of running (well, jogging) together before but no further than around the block a couple of times. We started off with an intro from Jim, who has recently been on the Run England course. He was able to because a brilliant local business offered to sponsor the club – Future Electrics Ltd, thank you! Jim took us through our stretches then a bit of a game to warm-up before we completed the week 1 fitness test. We had to run (or jog or walk) at our pace around the outside of the park and Louise recorded everybody’s time. Being a slowcoach, I was happy to settle near the back and jog at our pace. Liv was a bit puffed out so we did a couple of spells of brisk walking to catch our breath. Or so she said…. As we neared the end and came back into the park she sprinted past me to finish comfortably ahead! At the end we found out that we had run a mile – amazing! Each week we will do different activities, games and some running to help improve our fitness before we run the mile again in ten weeks time. I’m hoping to improve my time by the end of the ten weeks, and not to get beat by the young ‘un!

I could give you loads of reasons for coming along, running helps keep your heart healthy, endorphins make you feel brilliant etc etc. But the best thing about joining in at the park is the lovely friends we’ve made.