Jun 012016

I am not Crosby born and bred having migrated here from South Liverpool via various other parts of the UK (London, Leicester, Preston to name a few places), before settling in Crosby and Trevor Drive (the side that backs onto the park). It was one of the attractions of the house when we viewed it, that when looking out of the bedroom window I could see trees, grass and open space.

Research shows that people who use green spaces are happier and since being involved in the various activities that are run by Friends of Moorside Park life has definitely been cheerier and healthier. My family and I (husband, two girls and the two hamsters) have attended the weekly circuits, running club, litter picking and gardening (obviously not the hamsters).Husband Chris has recently become a run leader for the run club.

Taking part in the activities I wanted to support what was going on and decided to become a Committee member. The group is really friendly and welcoming and I would highly recommend getting involved, especially if you have moved to the area and looking for a way of getting to know locals and making friends. I am looking forward to getting involved and helping out at the events planned for 2016 and continue to improve my fitness by going to Circuits on a Saturday, playing netball on a Tuesday and relaxing by doing Yoga under the trees on a Wednesday.