Oct 312016
My name is Sue and I’m a member of Moorside Run Club. The club is affiliated with Run England and we have quite a few qualified run leaders now who support our weekly runs.  And then there’s me. I volunteered to become the Mental Health Ambassador for the club.
Jogging and running can help us lift our mood,increase our self-esteem, sleep better, think clearer and reduce stress, anxiety and depression.
So, what is a Mental Health Ambassador? A confidential volunteer with personal experience of mental health problems or supporting friends and family with mental health problems. Someone who can help to support you to start, return to, or continue running in a club or group. There are currently over 180 Mental Health Ambassadors across England.
I find exercise a real stress reliever for me and the bonus of running with group support really pushed me to run much farther than I ever thought I could! I’d love to offer the same support which is why I volunteered for the role.
#runandtalk events took place all over the country during October to mark World Mental Health day and we held our very own on 11th October. We had almost 70 people attend, with 30 new members joining our Run Club!
So if you fancy getting fitter, a bit more active or just meeting some friendly new people then why not come and join our Run Club. Every Tuesday at 6:30pm – during the winter months we are meeting in the park’s pavilion.
You can find more details about Mental Health Ambassadors on the England Athletics website: www.englandathletics.org/mental-health-ambassadors