Mar 032016

I’m not feeling the stress yet. It may be because I have other things to worry about such as whether my dicky foot is going to play up on the day, but even if it does I’m confident that I’ll make it to the end. In fact, I’m so confident (not ‘confident’ as in ‘cocky’, but just in the knowledge that all the preparation I’ve done so far will see me through) that I’ve already started planning my next marathon for 2017 – Boston or New York, wherever it’s to be held.
So, training’s going well – I’m up to a consistent 15 miles now. Fundraising is going ok, with 50% already raised – thanks in part to the Love Moorside Park Valentine’s event that I mentioned in last month’s article where many items were auctioned off. Massive thanks should go out to local celebrity and Olympian superstar Dan Purvis who donated his signed Commonwealth Games Team Scotland kit to the auction. And we’ve bought our train tickets for our journey to the ‘big smoke’ for the race in April.
Fitness levels are good, thanks in part to the energy boost my new gluten-free, wheat-free diet has given me. I’ve got a whole new set of exercises to do, thanks to a biometric assessment that my sister-in-law paid for from Banhaus (apparently I’ve got tight hips, lower back issues and my right leg’s longer than my left – well that explains a lot!). Next week I’m going through another ‘cleanse’, from Rawfully Good 4 U, which is just juices and soups for three days – I’m sure by the end I’ll be craving something solid!
At the same time my foot is giving me jip. It’s an old condition that I’ve known I’d need an operation on some day, but as the recovery period would mean weeks on my back I can’t have that until after the run. Therefore, I’m hopeful both that the doc will sign off on a cortisone injection, and that it will keep the discomfort at bay on the big day.
I’m taking a pragmatic stance – if Eddy Izzard can run 27 Marathons in 27 days for Sports Relief then surely I can finish just one with a semi-dodgy foot!
Anyway, wish me luck, do pop to my JustGiving page and sponsor me – every penny helps as they say, and I’ll be sure to let you know how we get on.