Dec 282015

Well, it’s been a gruelling eight weeks or so. Now that my training is in full swing – despite continued niggling from my dodgy foot (but less said about that the better) – I’m doing all that I can to not only train three times a week, but to get involved in as many charity runs as possible so I can get used to the competitive ‘fun’ of the fun run and raise as much money as possible for charity in the process.
The two that I’ve done most recently were the MoRunner 10k in Croxteth Country Park in Liverpool, and a Superheroes charity workout event with the PT Unit (Pioneer Fitness) which is the fitness studio I attend and also one of my marathon sponsors.
The MoRunner was a blast – at 10k it was a challenge and a half because I’m still building my running stamina – but at least I didn’t need to buy a comedy ’tash, as I grew one of my own especially for the occasion! Running this was by no means a breeze, so once again I was reminded of the need to train, train, train for the big day next year so I can make it through.
I love running for charity, so when my fitness trainers announced that they were going to be having a charity event I jumped at the chance to be involved, only to find out that that it actually involved seven classes back to back in seven hours. Boy, was that tough work. I think the 10k was probably easier! Dress code was superhero costumes, so of course I went as the Hulk – not a surprise for anyone who knows me, but it certainly would have been cooler in my usual training gear! Anyway, the end result was a nice contribution to the NSPCC and Macmillan Nurses, so it was well worth the sweat and tears (no blood this time).
Aside from that, we’ve passed two important milestones in our journey to the starting line of the London Marathon. Firstly, I’ve finally got my running kit for next year’s big day, proudly peppered with logos from those lovely organisations that were kind enough to help me to get this far – including Caloo of course, thanks Andrew and the gang. And secondly, ta da! We’ve set up our Virgin Money Giving page (essentially it’s the same as the JustGiving system), so (unashamed plug warning), I’d really be grateful to any of you who decided to sponsor me for the big day. It doesn’t have to be much, but it all goes to a great cause – the continued maintenance of our local park where the kids love to play and a whole host of community activities take place, thanks to the sterling work of community group Friends of Moorside Park,
Well, it’s mid-December, and my diet has already started to slip, so I’ll just have to train all the harder in the new year if I’m going to make it past the finish line. Thank you Andrew and Caloo for your continued support, and I hope to do you proud next summer.
Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and an energetic New Year!