Oct 292015

Wow! What a month. It has been so different from the two that have gone before because, wait for it… I’ve actually started training (pause for applause!).
My toe healed up (finally), I’m seeing a great foot health practitioner – Joanne Brennan –who is helping me with inserts for my shoes to support my dodgy foot (well, if something’s going to go dodgy with age I’d rather it was my foot!). My juice detox courtesy of Rawfully Good helped me to lose 10lbs (and boy can I feel the difference) and I’m continuing to focus on losing more of my girth before race day. Oh, and I’m back in training.
I’m up to 10k right now which is not bad for me, and the plan is to up that to 25k in November and then to be able to complete at least 30k stretches by Christmastime, when I have a feeling my diet may take a little bit of a hit!
I have to say I am so grateful for all the support that I’ve been getting, not only from Caloo for their moral and financial support, but also from Pioneer Fitness who have helped me with their training in the park. And special mention has to go out to Chris Beasley, Andy Cutts, Giles Horton, Elizabeth Van Duyvenbode, Sue Deaves, Sarah Thomson, and Kat McKee. These are my running support group, the guys and gals who have broken off from our usual Tuesday training just to help me with my marathon training on those cold (and usually wet) Sunday mornings. Without them I’m sure I’d not be where I am today.
So, training is going well, the final designs have been approved for the T-shirts and they’ll be printed shortly (with all our sponsors’ logos I’ll have on there I’m sure to feel like a Formula One driver!), and the Virgin Giving account should be up and live by the time you read this. So please give, give, give – it’s for a good cause, to help to improve Moorside Park so we’ve got somewhere to train, to enjoy Caloo’s outdoor gym equipment and for all the many other groups and societies from our local area that use the park.
So, until we catch up next month, keep on training!