Sep 302015

I’d just like to start by saying a huge thank you to everyone who has rallied behind me in this challenge of late. I simply could not imagine how I might make it to London next year if it wasn’t for you all.
Last month’s standout marathon-related experience was the Moorside Park Fundraising Funday that we held on Sunday (20th September). The goal was to raise the final £150 that we felt was needed for my entry and sundries, and we smashed that target by raising just over £300 in an amazing and exceptionally good fun ‘fun day’. There were games, lucky dips, raffles, a cake stall (hold me back someone!), massages, foot advice from a local chiropodist, a tag rugby match run by a chap from Firwood Waterloo’s 1st team, and local celebrity Dan Purvis, 2012 Olympic bronze medallist with Team GB’s gymnastics team, even popped in to see us. All this was, of course, organised and run by my Louise and the other fabulous locals on the Friends of Moorside Park committee.
So, I expect you’re wondering how my training’s been going. Weelll… Not quite as planned, but then I’m going with the story that I’m saving myself for the big finish! You see, despite my aspirations to go out running a few weeks after I managed to break my toe on the vacuum cleaner last month it has not healed as quickly as I would have liked. So I’m off to the foot expert again tomorrow with a view to her giving me more advice and fashioning an insole for my trainers to help me train while my toe continues to get better. Despite my slight limp, I’m aiming to join the others in my running club this evening for my first proper jog since the accident.
Every Tuesday we meet up at the Caloo equipment in the park to warm up together – while my toe was recovering, I’d send the other club members off on their run while I used the outdoor gym equipment to strengthen my weary limbs. Tonight I hope to join the short or medium group to run the two- to five-mile route I’ve set for them. The fitness equipment has been excellent for all of us; a focal point because of its location, and a sociable exercise area for all.
So, it’s coming together slowly – the funds are in and the T-shirt that Caloo have designed is on the way to the printers. I should be getting back to training tonight – and my detox starts in a week’s time, but more about that in next month’s exciting edition!
Oh, before I forget, a Virgin Money Just Giving link is being created so anyone who wishes to support me and the wonderful work that the Friends of Moorside Park committee do to look after our local green space and all its fitness equipment and structures for use by local kids, Thai Chi group, scouts club, and anyone else. No, seriously, I may be doing this as a personal challenge, with a little arm-twisting from the wife, but the end goal is to raise enough money for the maintenance of our local park so it can remain a friendly hub of social activity in our area for many years to come.