Aug 252015

Little did I think, this time last month, that I’d be preparing myself for the challenge of a lifetime next April, but that’s what you get for being married to one of the most dynamic women you’ll ever meet – to try to keep up you find yourself agreeing to the strangest of things! My wonderful wife, Louise, is the Chair of our local park-centric community group; essentially she has taken it upon herself to be at the very centre of every fundraising effort, activity and event that we run to preserve and improve our local open space – Moorside Park. There’s no doubting that she has far more energy in her little finger than I have in my entire body, but somehow it was my name on the application form when it went in for a place for the Friends group!
To be fair, in recent years I have discovered a love for running so I’m not a total novice. Recently I took part in the amazingly enjoyable and incredibly mucky Derby X-Runner Challenge that involved mud, mud, and even more mud, with a little running, crawling and team camaraderie and the slightly more traditional Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon. I even booked myself into the Chester Full Marathon that’s to take place in October.
So with all that ahead of me, as well as the London Marathon next April, you may be wondering why I’m sitting here with my leg elevated instead of being out there in the sunshine training like I was doing the filler bits of an 80s movie montage?
The reason, rather embarrassingly, is that I’ve managed to break my toe before I could even start my marathon training in earnest. I’d like to say that it was while doing something manly like weightlifting or taking part in a Tough Mudder, maybe because of high antics at a stag-do or a lads’ night out that went just a little too far. But unfortunately my tale of woe (or is that ‘toe’) is far more pedestrian than that – far, far more pedestrian. You see, when home appliances attack they take no prisoners. I fell over a hoover… I fell over a hoover! Ok, there I’ve said it. Painful, but at least I’ve now got the perfect excuse for not helping out with the housework!
So, instead of running, I’m doing more of a hobble at the present moment, but I won’t let that hold me back for long. OK, the doc has said to stay off it for a few weeks so the Chester Full Marathan may be off the table, but I’m not going to let it hold me back. I’ve got a date with the London Marathon starting line to prepare for. So I’m already planning my first (light) jog for next week – I’m sure it’ll be better by then…