Apr 302015

Jim Hicks aka Chief runleader blog.jpegSo where to start when writing a blog for the Friends of Moorside Park website when the Chair is your wife? If anyone has had the pleasure of meeting Louise you’ll know, she’s super organised and has an amazing eye for detail. This means my spelling and grammar has to be spot on!
I’ve been involved with the friends group since day one, I’ve seen through the hard work of Louise and the committee it grow into an amazing group and the park has never looked so good. I’ve mainly been involved with the Community Fitness Sessions and now most recently I’m the run lead for the running club. I shouldn’t be amazed at the numbers we have for the running club because again Louise is amazing at generating publicity and interest however to have 25+ at week three is pretty good going.
I started running a few years back purely to shift the gut. It started with running to the end of road and back. I’m now training for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in June and Chester Full Marathon in October. I’m running in these events to raise money for the group. For me doing this is a drop in ocean when comparing how much Louise has done and raised, it’s the least I can do.
On Saturday 18th April a coach load of Moorside park circuit/running club members along with family embarked on a journey to Derby to take on the Xrunner challenge. This basically entailed running over and under obstacles whilst dealing with waist high mud, rivers and lakes. If I had to describe it in one word I’d say “AMAZING” we had 14 running and at no point did we leave anyone behind! We stuck together had an absolutely ball and all crossed the finish line together. The day started at 07.45am meeting at the park and jumping on board the fun bus, a special mention has to go out to our driver “Joe” the journey was filled with nerves and excitement and sleep (one participant came straight from a night shift!!!) We arrived with the sun beating down on us and the course laid out in front of us it looked brilliant. We were booked in for the 11am wave, we registered, signed our death waiver, popped to loo and it was time to go. It started off very gentle with a few bales of hay to get over, tyres to hop through and a hill to get over. Once over that hill it was log piles, mud, mud and more mud. It was so much fun. A special mention has to go out to Chris Phoenix. Chris is an amazing lady that we all call “Mum”, Chris is in her 60’s (real age will be kept under wraps) and nothing phased her. She did everything with a smile on her face and her goggles wrapped round her arm (water and lenses don’t mix well I’m informed). We all finished and straight away said “bring on 2016”.
For anyone reading this, the circuits and running club are for everyone and anyone, size, shape and fitness levels don’t matter, it’s all about community and although some may say I’m biased we have the best group of people in Merseyside working out, getting fit, having fun and enjoying the park. Come along and find out for yourselves.

Jim Hicks/Big Chief Jim