Jan 152019
We all start the new year with our new year’s resolutions – to eat better, lose weight, keep in touch with long lost friends…………this year I have made it my new’s resolution to keep in touch with you all more this year – whether its feedback from our events, details of our upcoming events or just general news.
So to start as we mean to go on, happy new year to you all, we are only 15 days into 2019 and can already tell it’s going to be amazing!
The committee held their 1st meeting of the year last night and it was really positive. Some of the info which you may find most interesting/useful:EVENTS:
As you know we love our events in Moorside, its a great opportunity for us to do some fundraising as well as bring lots of people into the park and bringing a real sense of community. This year our events are going to be:
? Easter Event – 30th March
? Halloween Event – 26th October
? Christmas Event – 7th December
If you have any suggestions about activities you would like to see us feature at the events, or maybe you would like to help and volunteer at the event…….then get in touch

We are very excited as we have had a provisional funding offer from Sport England to run lots of activities in the park over the Spring/Summer – designed to getting people more active. We are hoping to run Kids Fitness Sessions, Pilates in the Park, Zumba, Kids Run Club and Circuits in the Park. We are just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on our agreement and hopefully will be sharing more details in February

We still run our monthly gardening & litterpicking sessions in the park (but they are now on the last Saturday of the month – so January’s will be 26th between 10-11). PLEASE come along & help out (even if only for a short time). Unfortunately numbers have dwindled off (especially for gardening) over the last 6 months and if we dont get more volunteers we have to stop the sessions – which may ultimately mean the rose gardens would be removed and turfed over………which we would be devastated about.
We are also hoping to have a “willow improvement” session in March to try and improve the willow area and make it back into the maze it is supposed to be – so again watch this space for more details.
And finally, in the summer we had volunteers from Marks & Spencer in Formby who came and did some work to improve the park. As part of this they made a donation to the park which we are speaking with Green Sefton about getting another bench put onto the main field (along the Trevor Drive path) as this is something lots of park users have previously mentioned.

As I’m sure you will agree it already sounds like we have lots to look forward to this year!

If you would like to get involved with the Friends group then get in touch and let me know, I’d love to hear from you