Apr 092015

Don Stewart was one of the original 5 volunteers who came long to our gardening & litterpicking sessions, 4 years ago! He joined the committee in 2013, here is why he got involved with the group:

wpid-don-1.jpgMy sons Mike and Pete both attended Forefield Infants and Junior Schools, walking to and fro across the park to go there and come home. This was much healthier and safer than a lot of other children’s school journeys. Also the park has always been a good way to start and finish walks in Rimrose Valley country park and beyond. When our boys were small we often took them to the park to play football, sometimes with neighbours’ children too.

I joined the Friends group for a mixture of reasons. I enjoy the physical exercise in the open air and the chance to meet people. I feel that the FOMP’s activities raise the morale of all park users; they create a positive feeling that the park can be kept nice and developed further and also foster a sense of community – a stronger feeling that all the people  living near the park have something in common.

My aim for the park for this year would be to go all out for enhanced facilities for older children and teenagers, centred on a revitalised basket ball (and other sports) area.

Friends of Moorside Park