Aug 082017

It was a wet yet warm week this week. As I waited in the park at the usual club meeting point not one member of C25K group could be seen! The time was ticking away until one lone runner was seen walking toward me. Gemma arrived ready to tackle week 7 and the dreaded 3 x 10min runs with 3 x 3min walks. As it was just the two of us we decided to venture out of the park and hit the mean streets of Crosby. The pace was quick and the mins ticked on by. Was great to hear Gemma had been managing to get the mid week runs in and say “I can really feel the difference”. The mins and distance really do start to ramp up now. We ran 3.16 miles in our 39mins ? Its easy to look out the window and be put off by the rain etc but the feeling after achieving a run beats being wet etc hands down ??