Sep 052017

So tonight was the night of the 5k. We met at Crosby Lakeside Leisure Centre where 2 laps of the lake amount to 5k. Considering the weather had been awful for most of the day it turned out ok for the run, the only downside being the wind on the way up to and on the prom.

A steady pace set for Gemma & Sarah M as they completed their first lap. On the second lap the wind seemed much stronger but they carried on and pushed themselves up the hill to the prom.

Once the prom had been navigated it was literally down hill with the wind behind them and into the last 500 ish metres and on to the finish with run club members cheering them on. Over the past 10 weeks they have accomplished a massive achievement and 5K can now be ticked off the “to do list”.

The run leaders are super proud of our c25k-ers and felt it was only fitting they receive a medal for their amazing efforts ? It was also important to us to acknowledge Sarah E, who had originally joined the c25k but found her 5k feet some weeks ago. Well done to everyone you are absolutely brilliant ???

Elizabeth & Jim