Oct 012014

Beavers bulb planting

On Tuesday 23rd September, Friends of Moorside Park committee members and volunteers were joined by 30th Crosby Beavers from All Saints Church Crosby, their leaders & helpers in a bulb planting event.

The aim of the bulb planting with the Beavers was to earn a badge for the children. Help them work together, following instructions given, and to improve the appearance of the park.

We managed to plant an impressive 1600 crocus bulbs! The Beavers worked tirelessly & worked even when it started to get dark.

The Beavers were all provided with post-planting refreshments and issued which a certificate of achievement.

Each Beaver was also given a Daffodil bulb to take home to plant themselves, which they will await bloom in Spring.

Thanks to everyone who got involved